OuzbekistanMy name is ALEXIS, I grew up in a little town called Amiens, north of Paris. Despite all my family expectations – all deeply in love for books and literature, and very little for television – I knew, at a very early age, exactly where I wanted to be. I already was a little tech guy back then, putting my hands on everything and sharing a long lasting relationship with a medium my surrounding would not understand. So there it was, working in audio and video production was perfectly, completely self-evident. At age 18, my life took an unpredictable turn and I found myself leaving to seattle USA for just about the next 5 years. I was finally able to do what I always wanted – learn english first off (as it was not an option), travel alone or at least learn how to, and finally but most importantly make videos. Back to france with all the confidence and knowledge needed, I got hired by the french company eurosport to work as a promotion spot and on air look producer. Definitely passionate about the job and the team I was working with, I slowly started to work on concept, artistic direction, and direction. It all started to make sense once again. I was doing what I had always dreamed of… making movies again !!!

Wideshot is primarily a portfolio for both my work and aside projects. But it is also a window to something more personal, more intimate: sharing through photographies and videos my recent travel around the globe.

Please feel free to look around, do not hesitate to contact me for any enquiries. And if you are a local artist, an association, a small company or even a big NGO, looking for content and visibility, no matter where you are, contact me… who knows, I might just catch a plane and come help you out.

Alexis Thomas – Wideshot


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